We provide employee benefits legal and consulting services for tax exempt organizations, such as Colleges, Universities, Charitable Organizations, as well as for small businesses.  Our services focus on ensuring that our clients select and maintain the best retirement plans, health insurance plans and other health and welfare benefit plans that best suit their goals and needs.  We assist our clients in obtaining the most cost efficient means of providing employee benefits for their employees, while obtaining the maximum tax cost savings available.  On the individual side, we provide individuals with retirement planning and consulting services to ensure that each individual client has the best mix of retirement plan assets, including employer provided retirement plans, IRAs, Roth IRAs and non-tax-qualified retirement plan assets to reach their retirement goals, based on their income, needs and factoring in the number of years left before their retirement.  Furthermore, once an individual retires, we provide consulting and legal services to ensure they select the best means of distributing their retirement plan assets to provide for their retirement needs and the most tax efficient manner.


We have thirty-two (32) years of experience dealing with Section 401(a) plans, including defined benefit pension plans, defined contribution money purchase pension plans, profit sharing plans, 401(k) plans and stock plans, Section 403(b) tax sheltered annuity plans, Section 457 non-qualified retirement plans, non-qualified compensation plans, incentive stock option plans, non-statutory stock option plans, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs and the like.  On the individual side, our experience over thirty-one years focuses on the individual’s employer provided retirement plan benefits, social security benefits, IRA accounts Roth IRA accounts and non-tax-qualified retirement assets, such as their stocks, bonds and mutual funds portfolio.

In addition to planning and consulting services, we provide compliance services in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) and the United States Department of Labor (“DOL”) and we are there to assist our clients when things go awry in achieving the best available corrective measures in order to bring their plans back into compliance with applicable law, while minimizing out-of-pocket costs, including, but not limited to, penalties.



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